Kickboxing for Kids

Martial arts is an excellent way for your child to build up fitness, self-discipline and socialisation skills. A good age to start is by five as your child should have more than enough muscle and motor skill control to handle all the necessary techniques that will be learnt.

1. Builds them up

One of the core values inherent in all forms of martial arts is a focus on self-discipline. It is also a great way to boost your child’s self-confidence and self-esteem. They will also learn the virtues of humility and be taught not to misuse or abuse their training. Every martial artist ultimately learns true humility and to respect their fellow humans, which stems from confidence in their own abilities.

2. Great physical and social activity

With the alarming problem of childhood obesity, martial arts offers an alternative to be active in sporting activities and is an excellent way to get an extra dose of physical activity. It also provides them with plenty of opportunities to socialise with other children of various ages. It is known that executive functions such as self-control, working memory, cognitive flexibility, focused attention and creative problem-solving are better among those who are physically active.


3. Setting and achieving goals

Most martial arts measure the competence and capabilities of the practitioner based on a ranking system of coloured belts that signifies the wearer’s mastery level.

This allows your child to learn how to set and reach their goals as they work toward achieving each new ranking with a different colour belt.

4. Learning to take instructions

Part of the challenge of mastering any martial art lies in being able to correctly grasp the technical skills that are being taught to them. This means that they will have to learn how to pay attention by listening to the instructor/coach.


5. It’s all about focus

Martial arts will help your child to sharpen up not just physically, but also, mentally.

During training sessions, they will learn to master their body by performing certain movements or routines, and this will teach them to maintain their focus as their body is being challenged.

As they progresses in this journey through their training, they will gradually attain a greater melding of mind and body. This is achieved via a finely-tuned awareness, which happens after countless hours of physical and mental training.

South east Dragons start their training at around five years old!

The main point here is to get your child moving and focused. South East Academy instructors/coaches will have a sense of purpose and be able to impart both the drive and discipline to their students.