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Tips & Recommendations for 1st Dan Black Belt

1st Dan Grading Training

It is recommended that you plan with your instructor, a suitable time in your life to take your black belt. Do not rush this decision just because a 1st Dan grading date has been announced. If you wish to perform your best at the grading please ensure that you do not have many, If any other stressful activities or projects going on in your life at this time. You will need plenty of time to dedicate to your training and also time dedicated to help recovery from your training by way of relaxation. You will also need time dedicated to revise the South East Academy syllabus if you are not 100% fluent with it. It is advised that you visit other South East Academy instructors/clubs and consider personal 1 to 1 training sessions if needed in the months prior to your 1" Dan black belt grading.

Change your training specifically to suit the demands of the black belt grading day by working through your syllabus regularly and gradually increasing the volume of work but focusing on the quality of technique. Once you can happily complete the volume of the syllabus it is suggested that you work on intensity of effort. The above system should be used in all sections of the 1st Dan black belt grade until you can complete it from start to finish it is highly recommended that you arrange a mock grading with your instructor in order for you to become acquainted with what it will feel like on the day.

Train as regularly as possible but schedule in rest days as your body will only show its full potential after resting.

Preparation is the key

If you follow the guidelines given above you should definitely feel and see an improvement in yourself on your journey to becoming a black belt.

Here are some points to consider in the days prior to your grading.

Eat well. The 1st Dan black belt grade is one of the hardest tests most people will have undertaken in their lives up to this date. You will be expected to perform dynamic movements repeatedly over a long period of time which will prove to be demanding on your body and its energy systems. For this reason we suggest that you eat very well the day before avoiding any junk/fast food and drink plenty of water making sure you start your grading day with ample glycogen stores and fully hydrated (*) Make a checklist of all the equipment you need beforehand and pack your bag the night before leaving you less to do on your grading day Check your bag in the morning against your list!

Sleep well. Ensure that you get to bed early for at least 3 nights in a row before your grading day as any late nights will catch up on you and ruin your day. (**)

On the day ensure that you have a hearty healthy breakfast at least 2 hours before your grading time. This will give your food time to digest and be used as for in your grading. Bring water with you and some type of isotonic sports drink this may need to be used later on in the grading when your energy will be at Crucial levels. If you do not wish to buy a sports drink then you can make one by Mixing 1 part of fruit juice to 6 parts water).

Recommended reading or research

(*) Research carb loading on the web

(**) Research sleep cycles on the web